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About The Band

The Jazz, Dance, and Party Band!

The Music

Based on the idea that people of all ages love the classics, the group selects popular tunes from the swing era of the 30s and 40s, and jazz, swing, and blues inspired music from the years after, reminding us of the great musical heritage we have from those periods. This includes some dazzling instrumentals and classic vocal selections. The music is arranged specifically for Swing Essence format, so the sound is exciting and fresh, yet the music is familiar to everyone.

The Band

We build the core band like a legendary jazz quintet, with trumpet and saxophone, keyboard, bass, and drums, then front it with guitar and vocals for the complete package. Members of the group all have jazz chops and professional experience ranging from Broadway shows to cruise ship bands. Some of our members are prominent college music teachers.

For cocktail sets and parties we offer our more portable, acoustic jazz trio featuring guitar, upright bass, and either saxophone, clarinet, or violin, with optional vocals.

Kevin Karrick - Band Leader

Kevin is the guitarist/vocalist and arranger for Swing Essence, doing whatever it takes to make the music the best it can be. He has roots in rock, classical, and jazz music, with a large repertoire from the swing and rock eras and years of experience in this role. He also performs solo for weddings, corporate events, and venues in the Portland, Oregon area.

Kevin's website

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