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Booking Swing Essence

We Would Love to Hear About Your Event!

Telluride Conference Center

The Complete Package

For the main event, our full dance band is seven pieces, including two vocalists and two horns. For larger events we sometimes provide live music for two or three segments, including a jazz ensemble for your cocktail segment, even a soloist or duo to play for your wedding ceremony. Let us know what you need!

The Jazz Ensemble

Pinnacle Club Saxophone

We can provide our jazz ensemble format as the main musical element for some events, instrumental, with vocals, or a combination. We have access to a large library of jazz history, including Latin, Brazilian, gypsy, swing, speakeasy, bebop, cool, and contemporary.

We Can Help

Planning an event is a lot of work, and involves many details. We can help by:

  • Setting up before guests enter
  • Providing the sound equipment needed
  • Working with your venue to optimize setup details
  • Playing one of our compilations or playlist of your choice on break
  • Giving scheduling advice
  • Bringing microphones for announcements
  • Helping with music selection and arrangements
  • Working with other vendors to ensure a smooth transitions for each segment of your event

Book Swing Essence for your event, and we will take every step to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you and your guests thoroughly enjoy the music.

Request A Quote

Drop us a message about your event by emailing events@archtopmusic.com, and we will work up a quick quote for you. You should here from us very shortly.

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